Protecting Our People, Technology, and Systems

Because the US defense industry is a high-value target for international enemy governments, protecting our technology and internal systems against hacking and espionage is mandatory.

Our security and information technology system teams work tirelessly to protect our assets and equipment from general or targeted breaches.

In addition, our safety team focuses on protecting our staff from external or internal harm through proper training and procedures.

Our Team:

  • Supports the Research Foundation/SDL in physical, personal, and classified security
  • Oversees network operations, computer services, systems administration, data management, and security
  • Promotes a safe and healthy workplace by providing expertise, advice, and compliance assistance to all Research Foundation/SDL employees and develops programs that comply with federal, state, and local safety/health regulations, and project requirements where applicable

Security Visits

Unclassified Visits

Unclassified visits are arranged through a point of contact at the Research Foundation. Visitors sign in at the front desk, where they receive temporary visitor badges. The receptionist notifies the point of contact of the visitor’s arrival.

Classified Visits

All visitors attending a classified meeting at Research Foundation facilities must submit a visit request as follows:


JPAS SMO Code 059244

Please include technical POC and phone number


Visitor Control
Attention: Kevin LeBaron
Fax (435) 713-3240
Phone (435) 713-3026

Please include technical POC and phone number

Upon check-in at the Research Foundation facilities, verification of visitor’s approval to access classified information will take place.

US or State Government issued photo ID is required for facility admittance and issuance of a temporary visitor badge reflecting the appropriate level of clearance.

After verification, the Research Foundation point of contact will be notified of their visitor’s arrival.

Security is not a product, but a process.

Bruce Schneier