Program Support

Helping Technical Teams Succeed

The Research Foundation's program support staff work closely with SDL technical teams to provide support to ensure proposal and program related compliance and to assist with producing high-quality deliverables for our customers.

Program support staff provide a variety of services ranging from contract management to technical writing and pricing to quality assurance. We pay attention to the details and take care to ensure that each deliverable is the best that it can be.

Our quality management system (QMS) is established around a process-based approach and the quality assurance team plays a large part in ensuring high-quality customer deliverables.

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden

Our Team:

  • Prepares, examines, analyzes, revises, negotiates, and closes contracts
  • Provides regulatory compliance and supports comprehensive audits
  • Provides editing, writing, and document support and develops software product user/administration manuals and training materials
  • Develops pricing baselines and tracks program costs, helps develop program schedules, and assists with monthly program reports
  • Provides design reviews, product documentation, product inspections, control and proper processing of nonconforming material, acceptance test witnessing, and configuration management
  • Ensures compliance with ISO 9001 registration
  • Develops special tools to assist with administration such as cost tracking, contract modifications, and technical information clearance releases, etc.

Business Development Support

  • Supports technical teams in developing proposals and cost estimates to bring in new contracts
  • Provides contractual expertise, documentation, and negotiations for new contracts