Marketing & Event Coordination

Paving the Way for Tomorrow’s Success

After technical teams create powerful solutions for today’s military, civil, and industry challenges, the most logical step is to spread the word—especially if the solution is a huge success or if it changes the industry standard.

Our marketing and events staff are experts at getting the news out to the correct audience in a way that is informative and compelling.

We also organize events to celebrate program successes and employee achievements—and sometimes just for fun.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

Our team:

  • Organizes and hosts special technical conferences
  • Generates press releases for major achievements
  • Designs and develops capability- and program-based marketing collateral
  • Develops organization websites promoting capabilities
  • Promotes company awareness through social media and industry trade shows
  • Organizes employee events and generates an internal monthly newsletter to recognize and/or reward individual, team, and company growth and achievement
  • Plans special employee events for holiday celebrations
  • Coordinates company involvement in community service opportunities