Research & Development

Providing Innovative Solutions for National and Global Challenges

As one of the nation’s 14 University Affiliated Research Centers (UARCs), and a strategic and trusted Government agent, SDL has been responsible for the design, fabrication, and operation of sensors on over 430 successful space missions, and over 500 deployed hardware and software ground systems for space and airborne tactical reconnaissance research and development. SDL continues to lead the way in the development of sensors and supporting technologies.

Solving technical challenges faced by the military, science community, and industry since 1959

SDL designs, fabricates, and tests state-of-the-art sensor and satellite systems; performs space, air, and ground-based experiments; conducts rapid, experimental development of prototype sensor hardware and associated software; develops hardware and software solutions to support real-time acquisition, processing, and display of tactical image data; offers world-class calibration and test expertise and facilities; performs concept validation studies and demonstrations; and develops data-fusing technology for passive and active sensors.

Explore SDL's Core Capabilities

Ground Stations

Tactical data acquisition, processing, & display

Networking & Data Assurance

Secure data transfer solutions

Satellite Technologies

Concept to completion satellite solutions

Science & Engineering

Solutions for defense, intelligence, & science

Sensor Systems

Space and airborne sensors (IR, VIS, UV, & RF)

Testing & Calibration

Testing for space, airborne, & miniaturized systems