Planning for the Future

H. Scott Hinton


Scott Hinton was appointed as President of the Utah State University Research Foundation in 2013. He served on the Research Foundation’s Board of Trustees prior to that time. Mr. Hinton leads the Research Foundation’s employees in the organization’s mission to bridge the gap between discovery research and outcomes that benefit the nation and society.

Jennie Parrish, Executive Assistant
(435) 713-3084

Niel Holt


Niel Holt has served as Director of the Space Dynamics Laboratory since November 2009. Mr. Holt oversees all engineering and strategic efforts for SDL’s operating divisions, including Civil Space, Strategic Military Space, C4ISR, Systems Calibration and Test, as well as efforts related to technology, education, outreach, and advanced concepts.

Diane Hansen, Executive Assistant
(435) 713-3564

Sharon Giles

Director, Human Resources

With over 25 years of experience, Sharon Giles joined the Research Foundation as Director of Human Resources in 2011. Ms. Giles oversees the Human Resources team, which includes Safety, Conference/Corporate Events, and Human Resources support.

Lyndon Loosle

Chief Financial Officer

Lyndon Loosle has over 30 years of experience and currently holds the titles of Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for the Research Foundation. Mr. Loosle is responsible for cash management, financial statements, external financial audits, and financial and payroll computer systems.

Eric Warren

Director, Public Relations

Eric Warren joined the Research Foundation in 2009. With 20 years of experience, he is the principal spokesman for the Research Foundation and SDL, with responsibility for strategic communications and media relations.

(435) 713-3054


Dale Andersen

Director, Intellectual Property Services

Dale Andersen is currently Associate General Counsel for Utah State University, as well as a registered patent attorney for the Research Foundation and the Space Dynamics Laboratory. Mr. Andersen's work focuses on patent prosecution, all forms of intellectual property licensing, and contracts.

Jennifer Bettencourt

Director, Program Services

Jennifer Bettencourt has served as Director of Program Services at the Research Foundation since 2010. In this capacity, she oversees the pricing, quality, contracts, and communications teams that serve the Research Foundation and its units.

Jordan Baxter

Director, Security / Information Assurance

Jordan Baxter serves as the Director of Security and Information Assurance. With over 15 years of experience at the Research Foundation, he is responsible for managing all classified information, processing personnel for security clearances, and interfacing with the Defense Security Service to obtain approval of all DoD closed areas for SDL programs.