Board of Trustees


General Bruce Carlson

USAF, Retired

Vice Chair

Rich B. Mckeown

Co-founder; Chairman,
Leavitt Partners
Board of Directors

David A. Bell, PhD, PE



University of Wyoming

David T. Cowley

Vice President

Business & Finance

Utah State University

Mary L. Cleave, PhD, PE

NASA, Retired

Maura E. Hagan, PhD


College of Science

Utah State University

Lynn W. Heninger

Vice President

Government Relations Defense & Aerospace, KSCW, Inc.

Jagath J. Kaluarachchi, PhD

Interim Dean

College of Engineering

Utah State University

Major General Susan K. Mashiko

USAF, Retired

President, SKM Aerospace, LLC

Mark R. McLellan

Vice President

Research & Dean

School of Graduate Studies

Utah State University


H. Scott Hinton

Lyndon Loosle

Recording Secretary

Jennie Parrish